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Texas Collie Rescue Adoption Application

Note: Pet ownership is a serious responsibility. The policy of Texas Collie Rescue is to insure that each person who adopts a Collie or Sheltie is aware of that responsibility and willing and able to accept that responsibility long-term. For the best match between Collie/Sheltie and family, as well as to protect our dogs, Texas Collie Rescue, Inc. will screen our applicants carefully through the application, check with veterinarian, and perform a home visit.

If you are under the age of 21, a parent or guardian must complete and sign this application, and this parent or guardian must also want to adopt a dog. Please take the time to answer the questions accurately and as thoughtfully as possible so we can match you with the dog that is the most compatible with you and your lifestyle.

Also, please read and keep our TERMS OF ADOPTION for your records. All requested information is for the private use of Texas Collie Rescue and will never be made public. Thank you for your interest in adopting a Collie or Sheltie, and we will get back to you within five business days.

Applicant's Name:
Co-Applicant's Name:
Email Address:
Home Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Work Phone Number:
Employer Name:
Work Address:
Years Working For This Company:
Driver's License Number and State:
Date of Birth:
Have you applied with other breed rescues or Human Societies in the past 3 years? If YES then please specify
Names of Collie(s)/Sheltie(s) you are interested in adopting:
Please explain why you want to adopt a Collie/Sheltie:
Have you previously owned a Collie/Sheltie:
If yes, which:
Do you still have that dog:
What brand of food are you currently feeding your dog? And how often?
Dog's Gender:
Spayed or Neutered:
What happened to your last dog?
If you have never owned a Collie/Sheltie, have you done research to learn about the breed(s):

Please answer the following questions based on the last two years:

Have you ever lost a pet, (NOT Through Death)? Explain:
Have you ever returned a dog?
Have you had one poisoned? Explain:
Have you had an animal killed by a vehicle? Explain:
Have you had an animal die due to disease? Explain:
For what purpose do you want a Collie/Sheltie:
Do you have any other animals:
If yes, list type, age, sex and names:
Are all pets spayed/neutered:
If no, please explain why:
Do you have children at home:
If yes how many:
If yes, please list their ages:
Do you live in a:
Do you:

If you rent, we will have to have a copy of the landlord's permission and your pet deposit will be required, if you have a copy of this please e-mail it to

If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to keep a dog:
Do you have a yard:
Is it fenced:
How high is the fence:
Does it have a lock:
What type of fencing:
Please be aware that Shelties are she and may take time to adjust, or bond. Shelties are prone to being a running risk within the first month of being in their new home.
Is there a pool on the property:
If "Yes" is it accessible to the dog:
Do you have a doggie door:
Size of Doggie Door:
If you have an apartment, is there a safe place to walk/exercise the dog:
Is someone home during the day:
What provisions will be made for your Collie/Sheltie if nobody is home during the day (Ex. Crated, Loose inside, Loose outside):
How long will the dog be left alone:
Where do you intend to keep this dog primarily:
Do you have a gender preference:
Would you consider the opposite gender:
Do you have a color preference, Please keep in mind Blue Merles are rare in rescue situiations due to popularity:
First Color Preference:
Second Color Preference:
Would you consider an older dog:
If yes up to what age:
Would you consider a Collie or Sheltie Mix?:
Are other members of your household aware you are considering adopting a Collie/Sheltie:
Does everyone in your home want this dog:
Are you prepared to assume the financial responsibilities of caring for an animal, including inoculations, heartworm preventative, dental, blood work, veterinarian care, good quality food, licensing, etc:

Your Veterinarian Information:

Name on File at Clinic:
Phone Number on File at Clinic:
Clinic Name:
Clinic Address:
Clinc Phone Number:
Do you understand that the Collie/Sheltie you adopt must be kept on a monthly heartworm and flea preventative:
Note: Do not give Ivermctin (HeartGard/Iver-Heart/ProHeart) for heartworm preventative, three out of four collies have a drug sensitivity, Do you agree to this:
Are you planning to move in the near future? Explain:
Are you willing to give TCR your new address:
Is anyone in your house allergic to animals:
If yes please explain how the allergy will/is treated:
Are you familiar with the animal control regulations in your area:
Does your homeowners association have a limit on the number of animals you are allowed to have:
If yes, what is the limit:
Is the Collie/Sheltie a gift?
If so, for whom:
Does this person know that he/she is getting a Collie/Sheltie:
Are you aware that Collies/Shelties are known for being "barkers":
Do you have plans to have any dog de-barked:
Do you understand that Collies/Shelties can be shy and aloof with new people:
Are you willing to take your dog for obedience training:
Are you prepared to do the extra grooming their double coat requires:
Do you understand that any rescue Collie/Sheltie adopted through TCR will be spayed/neutered:
What circumstances. in your mind, justify giving up a dog:
How do you plan on disciplining your Collie/Sheltie:
Are you willing to allow a TCR representative to visit your home by appointment:
Do you mind us keeping in contact with you regarding the dog from time to time:
Do you accept that to defray our program expenses for rehabilitating your dog and to help the next rescue Collie or Sheltie there will be a $350.00 donation for an adult over 12 months through 9 years and $375.00 for a puppy up to and including 12 months, and $250.00 for dogs age 10 years and older? This is payable immediately by check, cash, or money order upon adoption and delivery of the adopted dog:
Do you accept that the adopted dog MAY NOT be transferred to another party and that if the dog must be given up for an reason, he/she must be returned to Texas Collie Rescue:

I have read and am in full agreement with the Texas Collie Rescue, Inc. Terms of Adoption:

Download Terms of Adoption

By signing below I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. I agree the adopted dog shall not be kept exclusively outside, will be on regular heartworm and flea prevenative for life and will receive good nutrition, vaccinations, and healthcare.

I understand that falsification of any of the above information will be grounds to disallow the adoption of a rescue Collie/Sheltie from Texas Colle Rescue, Inc.

I also understand that Texas Cllie Rescue will always be interested in our adopted dogs and at any time inquire about the welfare of the adopted dog during the life of my dog, and I will respond in a timely fashion.

I will also provide Texas Collie Rescue with new email addresses and changed home addresses and phone numbers as they occur, as well as annual updates of how my Collie/Sheltie is doing in his/her new home.

I/We hearby state that all information given is true and accurate, and I/We are 21 years of age or older; that I/We have never been convicted of any acts of cruelty to animals.

Nor that I/We currently engage in the sale of animals to dealers, pet stores or research facilities.

Please fill in the word below in the box:

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