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Texas Collie Rescue,

I am happy to inform you that we were able to find K.B. a very good home. I appreciate the fantastic job that you guys have done. I am always so impressed with how fast you guys are able to mobilize and really just try to save these majestic family members. I wish that all of the rescues worked as hard as you guys do. You should be very proud of your organization. So very glad that I found Texas Collie Rescue, and I know who I will come to when it is time to find myself a new member of my pack.

God bless you all and I will keep you in my prayers.

David Mitchel - Conway Animal Welfare Unit


“Laddie is doing wonderful. He has adapted to our schedule and his personality is starting to come out. He is a comedian and very smart. He likes to go on walks, rides, etc. He had a few issues with going outside when first got here. He was always worried about getting back into the house, but he has learned that he can pretty much go in and out as he pleases, so outside is not so bad anymore. Yesterday, he got back from the groomers and was full of himself. My husband had to take him outside and let him run, bark, and play. He is doing well with the cats, and they seem to accept him. I do believe he was a perfect match for us.”

L . Muse, Laddie’s Mommy


“Ralston is doing AWESOME!! We already love him so much! It is like he has always been here. He is so well behaved, we are truly surprised. He walks like a dream on his leash, he sits nicely, he sleeps in his crate, he does not get on furniture, he is gentle with the kid, etc. We could not have asked for a better dog! Thank You!!! We call him “Rollie.” He is such a good dog. If we had raised a dog from a puppy, we could not get a better dog for our family. This was a huge success!

Jill, Ralston’s Mommy

Animal Rescue Houston
Animal Rescue Houston
Animal Rescue Houston