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Texas Collie Rescue Foster Application

Applicant's Name:
Co-Applicant's Name:
Email Address:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:
Work Phone Number:
Driver's License Number and State You Reside In:
Do you live in a:
Do You Rent or Own:
If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to keep a dog? Please e-mail a copy of the landlord's permission letter and your pet deposit receipt to
Select all of the following that apply, Do you have?
Select all of the following that apply, Do you have? A yard.
Is your yard fenced.
Do you have a doggie door.
Does it open up into a fenced in yard.
What type of fencing is your fence? (Wood - Chain Link - Other_________)
If you live in an apartment/townhome, is there a safe place to walk/exercise the dog?
Is someone home during the day?
What provisions will be made for your foster Collie/Sheltie if nobody is home during the day? Loose Inside
In Crate
In Fenced Yard
Where do you intend to keep this dog primarily? Indoors
If other, please explain
Where will this foster dog sleep?
What provisions will be made for your foster Collie/Sheltie in the case of an unforseen emergency event?
Evacuation Provisions?
During the last two years, have you lost a pet (not through death)? Explain?
Have you had one poisoned? Explain?
Have you had a pet killed by a vehicle? Explain?
Have you had one die due to disease? Explain?
Do you have other pets at home?
If so, Please list their types and ages.
Are the pets spayed/neutered?
If resident pets are not neutered, please explain as Texas Collie Rescue prefers not to place dogs in un-neutered homes. This will help us determine which Collie/Sheltie to put into a potential new foster home.
Are the pets vaccinated and on heartworm preventative?
Do your pets get along with other animals?
What happened to your last dog?

Veterinarian Information:

Veterinarian Name:
Phone Number:
Name of Clinic:
What name are medical records listed under at the Vet's office.
Do you have children at home?
If yes, number and their ages.
Do you have a breed preference? (Collie or Sheltie)
Do you have a sex preference? (Male or Female)
What age range would you prefer?
Would you consider and older dog?
If yes, to what age?
Are other members of your household aware that you are considering fostering a Collie/Sheltie?
Does everyone in your household want a foster dog?
Texas Collie Rescue will provide all medical care, heartworm, and parasite preventative. Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of feeding, bathing, grooming, and caring for your foster Collie/Sheltie, including emotional rehabilitation for a traumatized dog and crating for a dog going through heartworm treatment?
Will you follow all Veterinarian instructions provided and administer all prescription medications and heartworm preventative to your foster Collie/Sheltie? Yes
Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of contacting Texas Collie Rescue for an medical emergencies? For example, if a dog is going through heartworm treatment and begins throwing up and becomes listless, this may be an emergency!
Will you let a Texas Collie Rescue Director know if you are planning to take your foster Collie/Sheltie out of town or state for family visits and recreation?
Although Texas Collie Rescue does not accept vicious dogs into our program, we do not know the histories of many of our rescues. Are you prepared to contact a Texas Collie Rescue Director immediately if your foster Collie/Sheltie bites anyone or seriously injures another pet?
Will you keep the dog confined in a fenced yard when you let outdoors, walk or exercise, the foster Collie/Sheltie regularly, and allow the dog indoors?
Are you aware that Collies and Shelties are know for being "Barkers"?
Do you understand that both Collies and Shelties can be shy and aloof with new people?
Are you prepared to do the extra grooming that Rough Collies and Sheltie's double coat requires?
Are you willing to allow a Texas Collie Rescue representative to visit your home by appointment?

Foster parents are encouraged to maintain an "Aunt' & "Uncle" relationship with the foster Collie/Sheltie in their care. However, occasionally the foster parent and the Collie/Sheltie will bond so completely that adoption into this home is best for the Collie/Sheltie and family.

Do you understand that if you wish to adopt your foster Collie/Sheltie you must complete the Adoption Application and Adoption Agreement and pay the $325.00 adoption fee for an adult over 12 months through 9 years, $350.00 for a puppy up to and including 12 months, and $250.00 for dogs age 10 years and older or for Collie or Sheltie mixes? This is payable immeduately by check, cash, or money order upon the decision to adpot the dog.

I have read, and I am in full agreement with th Texas Collie Rescue, Inc. Terms of Foster Car. By Signing beow I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers on the above application.


I/We hearby state that all of the information given is true and accurate, and I/We are 18 years of age or older, that I/We have never been convicted of any ats of cruelty to animals, nor that I/We currently engage in the sale of animals to dealers, pet stores, or research facilities.

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