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Rescue program
Description and Instructions

Texas Collie Rescue

P.O. Box 691114

Houston, TX 77269-1114

713-545-7408     fax: 832-521-3460

Rescue program
Description and Instructions

Texas Collie Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity made up of individuals that love Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) and have many years of experience with these breeds of dogs. We have a mission to help each one be placed in the best possible permanent home. These Collies and Shelties may be found throughout the State of Texas as strays or in shelters, dog pounds, humane organizations, or even homes that for some reason are no longer able to provide the best circumstances for their loved pet.

When received, Collies and Shelties will be evaluated and provided with necessary veterinary care to give them the best possible quality of life. They will be spayed or neutered, checked and treated for heartworms and other internal or external parasites, vaccinated, micro-chipped, bathed and groomed.

The Collies and Shelties will be maintained in loving foster homes to return them to health, evaluate their temperament, improve behavioral issues, and wait for that right family to provide their forever home.

Potential adopters will be evaluated to determine if they have commitment to provide a loving home with proper care and concern for their new family member, as well as to determine if the family and individual Collie or Sheltie will be a good match for each other.

Texas Collie Rescue will also provide educational resources to help people learn about the proper care and special needs of Collies and Shelties.

All Texas Collie Rescue Collies and Shelties have been tagged with our own ID Tag, recorded by name and rescue number in our files. Because of the often deplorable conditions they have come from; their intelligent, sensitive dispositions; double coats; and the Texas heat and humidity, we require that our rescued Collies and Shelties be indoor dogs, except for exercise and pleasant days outside with their families. Upon the dog’s adoption, we recommend keeping our tag on the collar, and to further protect your beloved new Collie or Sheltie we urge you to make another tag with your name and phone number. Be sure to keep the collar and tags on your beloved dog at all times. Always keep your dog indoors or behind a locked gate in a fenced yard when exercising, and on leash when walking. For increased pleasure in your Collie or Sheltie’s company, we strongly recommend obedience training, especially in classes where you both receive the guidance of professionals and the opportunity for the dog’s continuing socialization. Most Collies and Shelties are outstanding obedience dogs. Generally, both Collies and Shelties are loving and devoted companions, they are gentle with children and with other animals. Some are quiet while others can be barkers. Both will bond very closely with all family members and will reward a loving owner with years of unquestioning devotion and affection.


  1. Potential Adopters: Must be 21 years of age, have verifiable identification (Driver’s License or other picture ID), provide written proof of authorization to have a pet if you rent your home or apartment.

  2. Fees: The only fee involved is to help cover our medical expenses. A minimum of $350.00 for an adult age over 12 months through 9 years; $375.00 for puppies up to and including 12 months; $250.00 for dogs age 10 years and older. This fee is required when you adopt a Collie or Sheltie and due immediately upon transfer of our dog to the new owner. No adoption is final until the paper work and fee are tendered, and no Texas Collie Rescue dog will be left with the adopter until these requirements are taken care of. Some of our dogs require extra medical care or special rehabilitation, which will entail much greater expense. We do not require, but would appreciate an extra donation to help cover these extra expenses. The adoption fee may be paid by cash, check, or money order made out to Texas Collie Rescue.

  3. Spaying / Neutering: Any dog or puppy adopted from Texas Collie Rescue will have been spayed or neutered prior to release. If a Puppy isn’t old enough at the time of adoption, then a Spay / Neuter Contract must be signed.

  4. Contract: All adopters of Rescue Dogs will be asked to sign a Final Adoption Agreement on the day of adoption. This contract is legal and binding. Please read it carefully.

  5. Health and Protection of Your Collie or Sheltie: We require you to follow a regular inoculation program established by your veterinarian to guarantee your dog stays healthy, as well as monthly heartworm and flea preventative. You will receive a complete medical history on your Collie or Sheltie, as can be determined or documented. You must also have the dog licensed in accordance with the laws where you live. Keep your dog indoors or on a leash when being walked. To help protect against the dog’s loss, the adopter also agrees to keep our Texas Collie Rescue tag on the dog’s collar and to provide a personal ID tag.

  6. Adoption Process: Since we do not know you personally, the information from the Adoption Application (which is requested of anyone seeking a rescued Collie or Sheltie) will help us to match the right Collie or Sheltie for your family. The adoption application puts the adoptive home in the “hat” for one of our rescues, but since our first concern is a good match between family and dog, we do not adopt on a “first come” basis, but on the best match for all concerned. If your application is not selected for the Collie or Sheltie of your choice, rest assured there will be more rescues in our program for you to consider, and upon request we will also refer you to other rescue organization around the state.

  7. Additional Adoption Requirements: If at any time in the life of the dog the match does not work, or if for any reason the family must relinquish the dog, then the adoptive home returns the Collie or Sheltie to Texas Collie Rescue. Under no circumstances is our dog to be transferred to another party. If the family plans to move after adoption, the family must let us know the new address, telephone number, and email if available. If one of our adopted Collies or Shelties is being considered for euthanization by the family and their vet for any reason, Texas Collie Rescue must be contacted about the dog’s condition. If the adoptive home violates ANY section of the Program Description, the Adoption Application, or the Final Adoption Agreement, Texas Collie Rescue will take legal steps to reclaim the dog.


  1. Care of Our Rescues: Our dogs are adopted to loving homes who want a Collie or Sheltie for the intelligence, charm, and companionship they offer. As rescued Collies or Shelties, our dogs have already been through enough heartache in their lives. Dogs adopted from Texas Collie Rescue will not be used for animal research or experiments, breeding, attack training, or dog fighting. The will not be tied up or chained, confined exclusively outdoors, abused, neglected, given to another owner, or abandoned to the streets. Texas Collie Rescue reserves the right to check on the status of our rescue Collie or Sheltie and to request updates, removing our rescued Collie or Sheltie if we discover these terms are violated by the adopter; there will be no refund of the donation.

  2. Return: The adopted dog may be returned to Texas Collie Rescue within two weeks of the date of adoption for full refund of payment if the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption. We will accept return of our dog at any point in the dog’s life; however, after two weeks from the adoption date, no refund will be given.

  3. Transfer of Ownership: The adopted dog may not be transferred to any other person for any reason. If the undersigned adopter is forced to relinquish custody of the dog at any time, said dog will be relinquished only to Texas Collie Rescue, Inc.

  4. Refund: There will be no refund or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the adopter for the adopted dog, even if it is returned to Texas Collie Rescue.

  5. Health Program: The adopted dog will be cared for humanely, including adequate food, shelter, water, heartworm preventative, flea medication, vaccinations, and any other necessary veterinary care and will be licensed in accordance with the laws in the jurisdiction in which he resides. The dog is to be exercised in a fenced yard or on a leash and shall NOT BE FREE TO ROAM THE STREETS.

  6. Loss: If the adopted dog is lost or stolen, the adopter will notify Texas Collie Rescue immediately so we can use our resources to help locate the dog as soon as possible.

  7. Reservation of Rights: Texas Collie Rescue reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the adopted dog. It is understood that Texas Collie Rescue may examine and may make inquiry about said dog at any time after adoption, and will do so. We appreciate updates and photos of our adopted Collies and Shelties. If the terms and conditions of the Adoption Agreement are not upheld, Texas Collie Rescue reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and to reclaim the dog; there will be no refund of the donation.

  8. Liability: If the dog develops behavioral or serious health / medical problems in the new owner’s care, the adopter may return the dog to us but will not hold Texas Collie Rescue responsible for such sudden changes or expenses.

  9. Return Check Charge: There will be a $40.00 charge on all returned checks submitted by the adopter. If the check is not covered, our Collie or Sheltie will be relinquished to Texas Collie Rescue.

  10. Right of Refusal: To determine what is best for our dogs, Texas Collie Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application.

If you agree to the above-mentioned terms, please continue to our Adoption Application.

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